16:42 PM

ESPN West Palm Tonight

ESPN West Palm Tonight interviewed Martin W. Roche, MD, knee surgeon and director of Hip and Knee Arthroplasty at HSS Florida, on air to address a range of topics including the most common knee injuries he treats and who is considered a good candidate for outpatient joint replacement surgery.

Dr. Roche explained the advancement of robotic applications, including the innovation of a partial knee replacement developed at HSS Florida, which fixes just the worn-out part of the knee and allows people to get their range of motion and function back in a matter of weeks, which is a tremendous improvement in the treatment of arthritis.

Dr. Roche said, “I always want to tell the patient that - knee arthroplasty, even though a complex surgery, it has a successful up-to-20-year lifecycle, so it enables you to restore your function – you can hike, swim, cycle, tennis, golf and restore your active lifestyle.”

The segment aired on May 20, 2021.