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ESPN West Palm Tonight: Dr. Kathleen Davenport, the Director of Physiatry at HSS Florida Discusses Back Pain & Treatment on Apple Podcasts

ESPN West Palm interviewed Kathleen L. Davenport, MD, physiatrist at HSS on back pain and treatment. 

“When we talk about the cause of back pain, it often can be age dependent. For example, someone over 60, one of the most common causes is arthritis of the spine. But obviously, my 14 year old dancer, that is not going to be the most common cause. In our younger dancers and athletes, we can get things like fractures of the spine and stress fractures. In the middle age group around the 30s and 40s, a lot of times disc mediated pain like disc herniation can be a common cause. One size does not fit all when it comes to treatment or diagnosis of back pain,” said Dr. Davenport. 

“If you start to develop back pain, do not panic or put yourself on bedrest. We know from a lot of scientific literature that that does a disservice. What you want to do is slow, gentle, gradual movements," Dr. Davenport said. 

“When it comes to preventing back pain, be nice to your back. Core strengthening exercises like Pilates or physical therapy exercises can be helpful. It's great if you're not familiar with core strengthening to work with a trainer or physical therapist or Pilates instructor to make sure you are using the right muscles,” suggested Dr. Davenport. 

This segment aired on June 2, 2023.