16:51 PM

ESPN West Palm Tonight 5/27/2021

ESPN West Palm Tonight interviewed James B. Carr II, MD, sports medicine surgeon at HSS Florida, on air to discuss his approach to patient care and perspective on recent trends in sports injuries.

Dr. Carr explained he takes a personalized approach to care by listening to patients to better understand their goals and help them get back in the game. He treats athletes of all ages - from middle school, to high school, college, professional and weekend warriors.

The initial physical exam is important to Dr. Carr as well as imaging, such as radiographs, x-rays or MRIs. He noted, “My biggest goal is the right diagnosis, because if you have the right diagnosis then you can have the right treatment plan.”

Dr. Carr said he starts with non-operative measures whenever possible for his patients, and often surgery is the last resort. He explores several first-line options, such as physical therapy, injections, braces, rest or anti-inflammatory medication.

Dr. Carr also addressed the increase of Tommy John elbow injuries in recent years the potential causes.

As someone who regularly treats baseball players, Dr. Carr attributed the rise to an increase in higher pitching velocity and disregarding pitch count rules, as this correlation is especially apparent in youth players. Further, he advised while younger players are resilient they should ease into pitching. “It’s really important to not pick up a ball and throw as hard as you can. Take time, at least a month or two, to get your arm and body ready for max effort pitching.”

The segment aired on May 27, 2021.