10:11 AM

ESPN West Palm Tonight – 9/2/21

ESPN West Palm Tonight interviewed James B. Carr II, MD, sports medicine surgeon at HSS Florida, on air to discuss common preseason football injuries, professional athlete recovery trends, and baseball injuries.

Dr. Carr cited that soft tissue injuries are the most common during the football preseason, such as hamstring strains, calf muscle strains or oblique muscle strains. “The injuries can be related to a lot of factors: hydration, conditioning and overall strength and endurance as the players continue to build that back up,” he noted.

To avoid soft tissue injuries in the football offseason, Dr. Carr recommended appropriate conditioning prior to training camp. “Most players will take extended time off to recover at the end of the football season…and it’s important to take an extended time leading into training camp to build up muscle strength, endurance and flexibility and get acclimated to the heat. All those things need to occur for a football player to report at their maximum fitness and minimize risk of injury regardless of level – middle school, high school, college and professional.”

Dr. Carr discussed the evolution of baseball and how he has adjusted management approaches for professional players. “We have to manage workload to prevent injury, but when it does occur we do everything we can to get them as back as fast and as safely as we can without risk of re-injury,” he said.

Dr. Carr explained how HSS Florida is serving the West Palm community. “We are a comprehensive place for caring for the community, professional athletes and athletes of all levels. If you find yourself sidelined by an injury we want to get you back in the game and want to do it better than anyone else,” he concluded.

The segment aired on September 2, 2021.