17:58 PM

ESPN West Palm – 2/17/22

ESPN West Palm interviewed Angelie Mascarinas, MD, physiatrist at HSS Florida, on air about her approach to patient care, techniques she uses to treat conditions and pain, and her areas of expertise.

Dr. Mascarinas explained, “As a physiatrist, basically it’s non-surgical orthopedics, so treating musculoskeletal conditions that I focus on in the spine: back pain, neck pain, disc herniations or sciatica. I also treat painful joints in hip, shoulder or knee – osteoarthritic conditions.”

She continued, “My day-to-day is seeing patients in the clinic and other days I perform spinal procedures with fluoroscopic guidance or X-ray guidance, such as epidural injections, or ablation of facet joints to help with chronic back pain.”

In terms of her approach to patient care, Dr. Mascarinas said starts with an interview. “I get to know them, what’s been bothering them, how it all started, things that may have triggered their pain, was it an injury or an exercise program that may have been ramping up in volume that may have triggered an overuse injury. I like to do a thorough physical exam, a lot of the times you can find there’s muscle weakness or tightness or even a leg length discrepancy that can predispose one area to be getting stress that can lead to a painful joint.”

The segment aired on February 17, 2022.