18:02 PM

ESPN West Palm – 11/23/21

ESPN West Palm interviewed Ryan W. Simovitch, MD, director of the shoulder division at HSS Florida,  on air about the main causes of shoulder dislocations and sublaxations, the latest technologies to help treat these types of injuries, and what can be done to avoid them. 

Dr. Simovitch said he sees the whole gamut of shoulder injuries from young athletes, older athletes and weekend warriors.

According to Dr. Simovitch on his approach to patient care, “A lot of patients that make into the office are suffering from pain and have limited function and can’t do the things they like to do. We tailor the process to the specific patient and their specific problem.”

For a new patient visit, Dr. Simovitch said he will conduct a physical exam and generally take some X-rays. He continued, “The nice thing about HSS Florida is we have an MRI facility and we can diagnosis quickly for soft tissue problems. That first visit we like to spend a bit of time understanding the patient and their problems.”

The segment aired on November 23, 2021.