16:40 PM

Robot Helps Perform Girl's Scoliosis Surgery

CBS New York reports the use of robotic technology is particularly helpful to surgeons when performing scoliosis correction procedures for enhanced precision and guidance.

Like a number of teenage girls, 15-year-old Colby Alfieri, an avid volleyball player from New York City, had been living with scoliosis. Alfieri underwent complex spine surgery performed by Roger F. Widmann, MD, chief of Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery at HSS, who utilized robotic technology to straighten the 65 degree curvature of her spine. CBS New York spoke to Alfieri about her recovery post-surgery, and Dr. Widmann who explained the functionality of the technology. “The navigation allows you very accurate verification of where you know you are in space based on your knowledge of anatomy,” said Dr. Widmann. “Things that are going into the bone, you can verify that its within bone and not impinging on nerve or artery or other structures,” he added.

It’s been four months since her surgery and Alfieri is doing well. “I feel great. I feel like everything is back to normal and I’m excited to be able to play volleyball again,” she said.

Watch the segment at newyork.cbslocal.com. This segment also aired during the 5pm news on October 9, 2019.