14:46 PM

Dr. Todd McGrath - Running Back-to-Back Marathons: Keeping Runners Running

Todd McGrath, MD, sports medicine physician at HSS joined The Passionate Runner Podcast to talk about running marathons closely together, what needs to be considered, and advice on how to recover faster and maximize the time in between marathons.

“You don’t run the risk of really hurting yourself, perse. You run the risk of not feeling well, negative performance because of it. You can get into the risk of potential injury if you just jumped back into training, but there are ways to do it if you’re going to do it," advised Dr. McGrath. 

“The recovery phase is critical. Look at it as the training was done. You’ve logged the miles. You’ve put the training into that first marathon. The gap in between the two really should be about recovery from the first marathon, getting plenty of sleep, rehydrating or replenishing all the nutrients lost in that marathon early on. Try to eat a well-balanced diet. Don’t try to crash, or lose weight, or anything like that in between. Fill the tank back up, basically," said Dr. McGrath. 

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