13:49 PM

Giants Access Blue

Samuel A. Taylor, MD, sports medicine surgeon at HSS, and associate team physician for the New York Giants, appeared on Giants Access Blue to discuss the importance of off-season training and conditioning and how it affects the regular season.

Should players encounter injuries during the off-season, Dr. Taylor explained, “In-season, off-season, we do our very best to try and keep the care and the communication between all the members of the medical staffs that are helping take care of these players as consistent as possible.” Dr. Taylor added, “In general, we have expectations and guidelines for the way that a player will achieve certain benchmarks during their return to play, but it’s different for every athlete and different for every injury that is sustained by an athlete. So what we tried to do is get the player getting all their motion back, their strength and so we work together to try and find ways to make the player’s experience better to accommodate where they are in their various return to sport activities.”

This segment aired on August 18, 2019.