17:09 PM

HSS Bioskills Education Laboratory: Testing Grounds for Excellence

Ortho Spine News reports on the HSS Bioskills Education Laboratory, which provides residents and fellows with the highest-level of hands-on education and training at the Hospital. Beginning in 2000, the lab started out slowly, with residents primarily using it for dissections. Soon after, it evolved into a refined facility capable of simulating entire surgical procedures.

Ortho Spine News spoke to Edwin P. Su, MD, hip and knee surgeon at HSS, who is the director of the Adult Reconstruction and Joint Replacement (ARJR) service portion of the lab. Dr. Su noted the lab now has 4 dry/wet stations that can accommodate 4 to 12 trainees. “The facility is open to all residents and is under the guidance of a coordinator who communicates with trainees on the available specimens and times. Trainees may also include physician assistants and nurses who come in for practice on suturing or on the examination of anatomy,” said Dr. Su.

Dr. Su added, “As for residents, they have an anatomical dissection curriculum where they each select a joint or a body part to work on. Afterwards, they present their experiences to other residents. Whether handling power instruments, working with the latest arthroscopic simulators, or trying out different surgical approaches, trainees at our lab have many unique opportunities. They can, for example, view the anatomical structures around the hip joint, perform a surgical approach while looking at the relevant neurovascular structures, and see a true-to-life representation of what they will encounter in the OR.”

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