16:01 PM

Dr. Stephen Haskins Completes His Own Marathon Miracle in Manhattan

Muscle & Fitness interviews Stephen C. Haskins, MD, anesthesiologist and chief medical diversity officer at HSS, about his experience recovering from COVID-19 and his health and fitness journey preparing to run the Tri-Hero Cup Challenge.

According to Dr. Haskins, two years ago, he was set to run his first marathon in Maryland, but with the threat the COVID-19 was posing, the event was canceled. Dr. Haskins still ran his own personal 26.2 in New York City on the date of the marathon, but he eventually contracted COVID-19 and battled symptoms that he believed could put an end to him ever being able to enjoy a nice brisk run again.

On March 19, 2022, Dr. Haskins crossed the finish line of the inaugural United Tri-Hero Cup Challenge in 2:00:09. The half marathon honored New York City’s bravest first responders who were on the frontlines during the pandemic and included HSS physicians, NYPD and NYFD. Dr. Haskins detailed his experience with COVID, the emotional and physical toll that came with working on the frontlines during the pandemic and why his first official marathon was one he’ll always remember.

Regarding his half-marathon experience, he said, “From start until finish, I was taking videos, pictures and trying to experience it all. It was like the culmination of all those years of training where I get to do this in person. It was amazing to have friends and family that were there cheering me on throughout and to get that medal and that runner’s high in addition to the moment. It was an amazing experience.”

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