13:45 PM

Stem Cell Treatments Flourish With Little Evidence That They Work

The New York Times reports many people have become intrigued by the use of stem cell treatments for damaged joints. While some people have claimed this to have helped, there is no clear evidence that these treatments work, and the safety has yet to be established. Most researchers feel the efforts to sell therapies involving adult stem cells, which can develop into different types of cells to replenish tissue, have gotten way ahead of the science. The popularity of these treatments has prompted academic centers to offer similar procedures, as they are accompanied by efforts to collect data to determine their efficiency.

The New York Times spoke to Scott A. Rodeo, MD, orthopedic surgeon at HSS, where these treatments are being studied, who explained, “‘Modest’ data suggested that platelets might ease the pain in arthritic or inflamed knees and elbows.” Dr. Rodeo added, “There’s great potential,” however, “we are just not there yet.”

Read the full article at NYTimes.com. This article also appeared in print on May 14, 2019.