13:43 PM

Why Cycling Is A Great Exercise For Everyone

Daily Voice Darien features a bylined article by Joel M. Press, MD, Physiatrist-in-Chief at HSS, on how cycling is a great exercise for all.

Dr. Press wrote cycling is a low-impact exercise and is completely modifiable. You can choose to ride outdoors on an easy short path, a challenging uphill course, or use a stationary bike in the convenience of your own home. As it is a cardiovascular activity, weight loss is possible as you will burn calories, depending on the length and intensity of the ride. Additionally, Dr. Press explained the mental benefits from cycling, which include improved mood, and lowered risk of depression, as you release endorphins.

Dr. Press concluded the more you ride the more you build up the tolerance and strength in your muscles. Strengthening your core can also give you stability so that you can most efficiently use your legs while riding.

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