18:47 PM

Dr. Michael Milligan, Program Director at HSS Florida Discusses Pre-Season Sports Screenings for HS Athletes

ESPN West Palm interviewed Michael D. Milligan, MD, MBA, primary sports medicine physician at HSS on the importance of pre-season sports medical physicals for high school athletes. 

“The high school sports physicals are a requirement in the state of Florida for all FHSA participating schools. The reason it exists is to put safety protections in place for student athletes who participate in sports. We certainly don't believe that the sports physical replaces the relationship with your primary care physician, pediatrician, or family medicine doctor, but the sports physical addresses the specific issues and considerations that can impact safety in playing sports,” explained Dr. Milligan. 

“The general sports physical consists of two main parts by the physician that look at the musculoskeletal system - so your bones, joints, ligaments and how they move and operate. A physical therapist also does a movement screening to look for issues with muscle strength imbalances, flexibility and other things that may affect function.  Then a medical examination which is a head- to- toe emphasis on cardiopulmonary, so heart and lungs and making sure there are no issues with vision and hearing,” said Dr. Milligan. 

“Our goal is for our athletes to participate in sports, but participate safely,” said Dr. Milligan. 

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