13:55 PM

What You Need to Know About Your Body's Biggest Muscles

Men’s Health reports it is important to train the glute muscles for endurance, pain prevention and to avoid injury, according to experts.

Men’s Health spoke to Jordan D. Metzl, MD, primary care sports medicine physician at HSS, who cited, “A weak butt puts more pressure on your lower back, knees, ham-strings, and hips, increasing the likelihood of a strain.” Dr. Metzl will often see patients with conditions that can be credited to poor glute strength, particularly lower back pain and Achilles tendinitis. “Think of your backside like an engine. It powers you forward and helps you hardness the force from other muscles for even more strength and speed,” said Dr. Metzl.

Dr. Metzl advised to train the glute muscles directly and more often, stating, “Whether you’re lifting, jumping, sprinting, or shooting a basketball, your glutes are key to tapping into that explosive push-off strength that comes from extending your hips.”

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