18:21 PM

The Best IT Band Exercises To Help You Avoid Injury

Well + Good reports on iliotibial band syndrome (ITBS), the most common overuse injury of the tendon that runs from the outside part of the hip across the hip and the knee joints.

Well + Good spoke to Jordan D. Metzl, MD, primary care sports medicine physician at HSS, who explained the causes of ITBS, noting, “When that tendon [IT band] gets too much pressure put on it - and after a combination of too much force and excessive rubbing on the outside of the knee - it gets irritated and inflamed and causes the sharp pain on the outside of the knee.” He added, “As a sports medicine doctor, this time of year - as people are in marathon-mode -I see at least two or three cases of ITBS a day. It’s a very common injury in runners - ones who are trying to do long-distance running.”

Since the IT band’s primary function is to stabilize the pelvis, thigh, and knee during movement, its important to make sure your muscles are strong enough to do so. Dr. Metzl added, “One reason people have this problem is simply because their butt muscles aren’t being strengthened. Because of that, the muscles on the back and side of their hips aren’t strong enough to support themselves when they run, causing the iliotibial tract and the muscles on the outside of the hip to become overworked. Another reason is sometimes the muscles on the outside part of the hip are too tight.”

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