17:21 PM

Everything You Need to Know If You Suspect a Stress Fracture in Your Foot

RunnersWorld.com reports runners most often get stress fractures in the foot, a tiny crack in the surface of the bone, which can be caused by too much loading force.

RunnersWorld.com spoke to Jordan D. Metzl, MD, primary care sports medicine physician at HSS, who detailed what runners should know about stress fractures. “Like almost every overuse injury, the worse the symptoms get and the more you try to run through the pain, the worse you’ll make this injury,” explained Dr. Metzl. Dr. Metzl cited there are three ways to identify a stress fracture, which include point tenderness, swelling, and changes in your running form. MRIs are typically done to definitively diagnose a stress fracture, and you may want to stay off the bone to give it enough time to heal.

Regarding stress fracture prevention, Dr. Metzl advised adding mileage gradually to long runs to prevent injuries, shortening running stride and quickening the cadence.

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