17:00 PM

Switching Your Arthritis Medication: 7 Signs It’s Time to Consider It

CreakyJoints discusses indications of when it may be time for arthritis patients to consider switching their medication plan.

CreakyJoints spoke to Lindsay S. Lally, MD, rheumatologist at HSS, who cited in many cases, doctors and patients feel most comfortable maintaining whatever drug regimen is working. “I think most patients are happy to stick with what they know works for them. There is always anxiety around trying something new and not knowing if it will control your disease. I do not recommend switching to new therapies just because they are ‘new;’ there needs to be a compelling reason medically.”

Dr. Lally continued on to discuss medication inefficiency, noting, “If after several months on a medication, a patient has ongoing or worsening joint pain, swelling, and stiffness, that tells us switching medications is warranted.”

Furthermore, Dr. Lally explained how to assess and manage side effects associated with arthritis medications, stating, “If the side effects are not dangerous or life-threatening, we see if there are other measures we can take to minimize them. Sometimes lowering a dose, sometimes adding a medication like an antihistamine in the case of injection site reactions, sometimes splitting a dose."

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