12:10 PM

Video: Similar results seen after reverse total shoulder arthroplasty with augmented vs standard glenoid baseplates

Orthopedics Today spoke to Lawrence V. Gulotta, MD, sports medicine surgeon at HSS, at the American Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons Annual Meeting, who discussed the findings of study comparing clinical outcomes after reverse total shoulder arthroplasty using augmented glenoid baseplates vs. standard glenoid baseplates.

Dr. Gulotta said, “Patients had equivalent patient reported outcomes, functional outcomes scores, x-rays as well as complications between the augmented baseplates and standard baseplates.” While these are initial study findings, Dr. Gulotta cited, “The encouraging take home message here is in a safe, effective and efficient manner, we can address glenoid bone loss with off the shelf augments and can have outcomes that are very similar to patients undergoing standard reverse shoulder replacements. Further studies will be needed with a longer term follow up to see what the outcome or longevity of these implants are over time.”

Watch the video at Healio.com/orthopedics.