10:43 AM

A 2019 Extremity Update

Orthopedic Network News reports that HSS performed over 10,000 hip and knee procedures in 2017 (more than anyone else in the world).

HSS is on the list for top 10 U.S. DRG-paid Medicare shoulder replacement hospitals 2017, as well as top 10 hospitals with Medicare shoulder cases 2016-2017.

According to Lawrence V. Gulotta, MD, sports medicine surgeon at HSS, many early complications of reverse shoulder surgery have been worked out with better outcomes. Not only do engineers perform bench studies in the HSS Biomechanics Lab, but there is also a shoulder replacement registry which can help understand patient factors on predicting outcomes.

The article also reports that HSS is looking at ways to perform shoulder replacement without violating the rotator cuff which include patient-specific planning using computer models.

The full article is in the January 2019 print issue.