09:09 AM

Dr. Frank Schwab on Globus Medical, Nemaris acquisition and keys to commercialize innovations in spine

Becker's Spine Review conducts a Q&A with Frank Schwab, MD, chief emeritus of HSS Spine, about his new role as Vice Chair of the HSS Innovation Institute.

Dr. Schwab shared that his goal is to "work with the HSS Innovation Institute in refining processes and workflow that will substantially augment our pipeline of commercially viable solutions for meaningful impact on patients worldwide".

He noted that he is happy to see data driven analytics combined with precision care solutions to revolutionize spine surgery. He believes that robotics and mixed reality are in early stages but will have a deep impact in the coming years.

According to Dr. Schwab, the following combination of factors are important to be considered to ensure commercial success for innovators in the spine industry: innovative ideas, passion and commitment to drive them forward, robust business models and partnerships to have the right expertise in commercializing an idea.

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