17:39 PM

Dr. Stephen Fealy on BetterPT, Kno2 partnership and the biggest obstacle to orthopedic care

Becker’s Spine Review interviews Stephen Fealy, MD, orthopedic surgeon at HSS, to discuss the collaboration between BetterPT, an app that he co-founded to improve patient access to physical therapy, and Kno2 to launch a referral network. Dr. Fealy shared his insight on the biggest barriers and trends in orthopedics.

“Access. We know that when people have access to the care they need, they are healthier and experience better outcomes. Yet in order to receive that care, patients often have to navigate a complicated system in order to find a provider in their location, coordinate scheduling, confirm coverage and services, etc. — all of which delay or prevent treatment. The process by which patients gain access to care needs to be transparent and streamlined,” explained Dr. Fealy.

Dr. Fealy added, “Healthcare today is mobile. Patients want to be connected. They are constantly on the move and often juggling several things at once. They want and need fast, convenient and individualized service in order to prioritize healthcare. As providers, our healthcare team have to be ready and willing to adopt technologies that enable this level of connectivity and find ways as an industry to service on-demand care.”

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