10:21 AM

CBS New York

CBS New York interviewed Mary K. Crow, MD, physician-in-chief and chief of rheumatology at HSS, at the 2019 Walk with us to Cure Lupus on October 12, who explained the intricacies of the condition, and the need for research to identify new treatment options.

“We need to understand the disease [lupus]. It’s a complex disease where the immune system goes awry. We need to do research to understand exactly how we can identify the molecules and the mechanisms that are involved and then get ideas for new treatments for the disease,” explained Dr. Crow.

Dr. Crow added, “It [lupus] can be severe. It has a range of manifestations - everybody is different with lupus, which makes it particularly complicated and difficult to study and test drugs, but we’re busy working.”

This segment appeared during the 6am news hour on October 12, 2019.