13:24 PM

12 Ways to Get Relief From Psoriatic Arthritis Pain

Health Central discusses natural ways to help minimize psoriatic arthritis (PsA) pain to soothe aching joints, according to experts including Karmela Kim Chan, MD, rheumatologist at HSS.

Dr. Chan recommended strength training to build and maintain muscle, stating, “The stronger your muscles are, the less wear on your joints." Some patients find relief through regular massage and warm wax therapy. “Warmth is very, very comforting to patients,” explained Dr. Chan. “For example, if someone has arthritis in their hands, I tell them to buy a paraffin bath to soak their hands in.” Application of a cold compress may also help. “While heat is great for loosening up stiff joints, cold is useful when something is acutely inflamed,” she said. “I’m also a big fan of acupuncture. Its very low-risk, so why not try it if it can give a patient a better quality of life?” added Dr. Chan.

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