17:03 PM

Review examines the role of biologic agents in management of shoulder and elbow problems

News-Medical.net highlights a review by HSS sports medicine surgeons James B. Carr II, MD, and Scott A. Rodeo, MD, published in the Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery, examining biologics for managing shoulder pathology.

In their review, Dr. Carr and Dr. Rodeo evaluate the basic science and clinical evidence for the most commonly used biologic agents for treating common shoulder pathologies (i.e., rotator cuff tears, osteoarthritis, and tendinopathy), to help physicians better understand the terminology for the most commonly used biologic agents; review the current literature on the use of various biologic agents in the treatment of the most common shoulder pathologies; and highlight emerging therapies and potential future applications of biologic agents in the management of these shoulder pathologies.

While the outlook may be positive, Dr. Carr and Dr. Rodeo advised that further laboratory and clinical research is needed, to define optimal formulations, dosing schedules, and approaches for various tissues and injuries. As the safety and efficacy of these approaches are further defined, changes in the regulatory environment at the FDA level may also aid progress.

“Orthopedic surgeons must be well informed when discussing biologic agents with patients," added Dr. Rodeo. "It is paramount that orthopedic surgeons provide leadership in this area and work toward developing practice guidelines and policies for the use of biologic agents. A rigorous approach to the use of 'regenerative medicine' therapies and the maintenance of high clinical and research standards are required to move the field forward."

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