13:51 PM


NBA TV interviewed Lisa R. Callahan, MD, primary care sports medicine physician at HSS, who discussed her duties as the U.S.A. Basketball team physician, and how she and the players prepare for long trips in foreign countries.

Dr. Callahan explained, “It’s really tough. You’re exactly talking about an important part of it, which is the time changes and being physically and mentally prepared for that.” Dr. Callahan underscored the importance of paying attention to the player’s nutrition, fluid intake, and making sure they adjust their body clocks in order to stay healthy. Additionally, Dr. Callahan cited, “We work on all the things that we know help to reduce the risk of injury. We really work with the players on educating them on what they can do proactively. The recovery is so important – they work hard in preparation for the game and then they do a lot of work after the game for their recovery, so they can be ready for the next one.”

This segment aired on August 31, 2019.