10:50 AM

What is the Future of Orthopedic Innovation? Lessons from HSS.

OrthoWorld interviews Douglas Leach, managing director, Biomechanical Innovation at the Global Innovation Institute (GII) at HSS, who discussed the technology musculoskeletal companies should prioritize, current GII projects and how to build a culture of innovation.

Leach explained where technology is headed at HSS, citing three primary areas: additive manufacturing, artificial intelligence and big data, as they all can serve as standalone technologies or be integrated. Leach also discussed the current projects in development for the GII (computer vision and motion analysis, imaging and computational monitoring), as they utilize these technologies and remain at the focal point for the industry and at HSS.

Additionally, Leach cited he anticipates that more software and service ideas will be presented by internal colleagues and from orthopedic companies as provider needs shift. He emphasized that as the industry seeks to build greater hospital relationships, they should seek out individuals like himself within provider settings. From hospital to hospital the person may vary, however Leach encouraged companies to identify the chief operating officers, chief innovation officers and value analysis committees to ask what efficiency means to their organization.

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