16:41 PM

Doug Leach Is Invested in Innovation

American Healthcare Leader highlights the HSS Innovation Institute in an interview with Doug Leach, vice president for device innovation at HSS, who helps connect researchers and innovators with the business leaders who bring new ideas to market.

The HSS Innovation Institute collaborates with companies, health systems, and others to bring new inventions and methodologies to patients around the world through commercialization.

“People who work here often innovate as part of their process of delivering the best-quality care in the world,” said Leach. “And my job is to assess their ideas, and then bring the full resources of this incredible organization behind them to bring the right partners and support on board to drive value for the inventors, the patients, and the organization as a whole.”

“The HSS Innovation Institute was the right move at the right time, because we needed a mechanism to better capture the inventions that had historically either been overlooked or leaked onto the marketplace with little or no recognition to HSS,” he continued. “HSS is an innovation generator, and the Innovation Institute helps bring new ideas to life.”

Leach highlighted the strategic partnership with HSS and LimaCorporate, an Italian orthopedic implant manufacturer that is considered a 3D printing pioneer, and as a result of the relationship, HSS and Lima established the first-ever, complex, orthopedic implant 3D printing facility on a hospital campus: the ProMade Point of Care Center for Complex Orthopedic Solutions in New York.

He explained, “The partnership was a perfect fit because it combines Lima’s 3D printing expertise with HSS’s knowledge of complex joint replacements to strengthen Lima’s ProMade product portfolio and reduce wait times for the patients who need these sorts of devices.”

Leach noted he is looking for new advancements that can come from data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, sensors, and other emerging technologies, to help HSS set a whole new standard in musculoskeletal care.

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