15:56 PM

Don't Let Hip and Knee Pain Hold You Back

Greenwich Sentinel features an article bylined by Cynthia A. Kahlenberg, MD, MPH, hip and knee surgeon at HSS about significant advances in recent years that allow patients improve their mobility and stay active. 

Dr. Kahlenberg noted, “The components we use in joint replacement surgery are now better than past materials. We use highly cross-linked polyethylene providing greater durability and less wear. These new materials help hip replacement patients recover faster, be active and gain greater longevity from their new hip. For many, joint replacement surgery lasts a lifetime.”

She continued, “We’re involved with many cutting-edge studies to improve patient outcomes. I am working with a team of HSS hip and knee surgeons and our biomechanics department to run computer simulations of hip and knee replacement. These models help us determine individualized patient targets for ligament tensioning and balancing precisely for knee replacement. Our robotic and computer navigation technologies allow us to execute surgical plans and target specific alignment and balance of the knee with great precision."

Dr. Kahlenberg added, We’ve made great strides in speeding up patient recovery from joint replacement surgery. Also, new surgical techniques and the use of regional anesthesia instead of general anesthesia lowers the risk of complications and side effects. We like to get patients up and moving right after surgery; most can go home the same day or after a one-night stay. Within six weeks, many patients can return to low-impact activities, then higher-impact pursuits soon after that." 

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