12:14 PM

Doctors on Demand: A Dancer's Guide to Telehealth

Dance Magazine discusses the benefits and drawbacks for dancers when considering telehealth medicine according to experts including Kathleen L. Davenport, MD, physiatrist at HSS.

Dr. Davenport cited telehealth is useful for dancers who have busy schedules and can’t show up to doctors appointments during typical office hours, and for dancers who travel or tour. Being able to chat on-the-go allows them to see the same doctor consistently. “If you get started with a treatment plan, and then you have to go see a new doctor in a different state every month—or a different country, even—that is a very disjointed health-care plan," she explained. "Telemedicine can help that continuity of care."

However, before trying telehealth, if an injury is not straight forward, Dr. Davenport recommended seeing a doctor in person. “There can be an increased risk of missing something if I’m not there in person to actually be able to lay my hands on someone,” she said. She also advised to check with your insurance company on coverage and to choose the relationship that will make you feel most comfortable (virtual or in-person), as you know yourself best.

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