16:44 PM

Doctor suggests Aaron Rodgers could return to Jets by Week 1 next season: 'Very doable'

Fox reports on Aaron Rodgers' Achilles injury and his road to recovery in an interview with Andrew J. Elliott, MD, foot and ankle surgeon at HSS. 

Dr. Elliott  looked at the slowed-down footage of in his first start for the New York Jets on Monday night and knew an Achilles injury would be the diagnosis. 

"When I saw the reverberation clip, yes," Dr. Elliott told Fox News Digital when asked if he saw the clip where a clear pulse went through Rodgers' calf. 

So does that mean Rodgers can return next season by Week 1?

"I think that’s a very doable date," Dr. Elliott, who has performed over 350 minimally invasive Achilles tendon repairs, said decisively. 

Jets fans may be thinking there is no way a 40-year-old quarterback can be ready for next season after suffering that kind of injury, but Dr. Elliott broke it all down to give everyone a better understanding of the process Rodgers will be entering and why he can still play at his elite level once he returns. 

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