18:47 PM

Doctor, Runner, Healer

West Side Spirit features an interview with Brett G. Toresdahl, MD, primary sports medicine physician at HSS, about his personal and professional journey, experience as a medical captain for The New York City Marathon and best practices for runners to avoid injuries.

Dr. Toresdahl said, “I think I have the best job where I get to help people get back into being active and exercising and doing the things that they love to do.”

When talking about the common mistakes made during marathon training, Dr. Toresdahl noted that injuries occur when individuals try to get back on track and overcompensate by doing multiple runs and increasing their mileage per week.

He continued, “Often what people will do is they’ll print out a 16-week training plan. They have their papers on their refrigerator and they’re just checking off runs as they go. But life gets in the way, injuries come up, illnesses happen, so people commonly fall off track.”

As a medical captain for The New York City Marathon in 2019, Dr. Toresdahl oversaw the medical care of the runners who were coming into the tent at a mile marker.

Dr. Toresdahl explained that he often treats runner injuries as they train for marathons and helps runners determine ways to prevent injuries in future attempts to complete a marathon.

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