14:49 PM

Discussing ACL Injuries & the National ACL Injury Coalition with Dr. Carr of HSS

ESPN West Palm interviewed James B. Carr II, MD, sports medicine surgeon at HSS Florida, on air to discuss ACL injuries and the National ACL Injury Coalition.

“ACL injuries are very common. They happen more frequently in female athletes, but also very frequently in male athletes. Mostly athletes that do a lot of cutting and pivoting. So, soccer, lacrosse, field hockey, basketball, football. These athletes are the most at risk for these injuries. They happen the most in our younger athletes from age about 15-20. But they happen in our older professional athletes and weekend warriors as well,” explained Dr. Carr. 

Dr. Carr explained that HSS has partnered with the Aspen Institute and a number of sports organizations to form the National ACL Injury Coalition that seeks to reduce the injury to young athletes. 

“There is really good data showing that high risk athletes can drastically reduce their risk of injuring their ACL by doing certain training programs that focus on neuromuscular control. At HSS we are really passionate about injury prevention, especially in our young athletes, so we partnered with a couple different organizations to try to get a more national program that can bring these programs to high school athletes to train the coaches, athletes and parents on what they can do to reduce risk of these career altering injuries,” said Dr. Carr. 

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