11:29 AM

Director of the Joe DiMaggio Foot, Ankle, & Heel Center at the Hospital for Special Surgery joins Maggie and Perloff to discuss Patrick Mahomes’ injury

In this episode of the Maggie and Perloff podcast, Rock G. Positano, DPM, MSc, MPH, DSc, director of Non- Surgical Foot and Ankle Services at HSS, discussed Kansas City Chiefs Patrick Mahomes’ recent ankle sprain.

According to Dr. Positano, there is no such thing as a simple ankle sprain.  -Mahomes' has a high ankle injury that is a lot more involved because it deals with bones and ligaments. There is no question he is going to be slightly impaired. 

The most important thing is to stabilize the injury,  bring the swelling and inflammation down, and -try to not overextend what he is doing in terms of his performance and his practice on the field, noted Dr. Positano.

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