18:05 PM

Digital Pathology: A Case of Enterprise Imaging and Integrated Diagnosis

HealthTech Magazine features a perspective by Inderpal Kohli, AVP, IT Clinical Applications and Training at HSS, on how digital pathology has been successfully implemented at HSS.

According to Kohli, HSS has taken a leadership role in partnering with digital pathology and enterprise imaging partners to accelerate the digital transformation and deployed an FDA-approved Digital Pathology solution with its pioneer integrated diagnostics workflow in February 2021.

Kohli explained that since then, the team surpassed its initial goal, with 70% of all cases being scanning and diagnosed digitally. Now, clinicians can access digital pathology images using a familiar portal to co-relate with other images while reviewing patient data, which was impossible until a few months ago.

“With the advances in image analysis and the ability to provide quantitative information about biological samples, digital pathology will help pathologists make more accurate and consistent diagnoses, leading to improved patient outcomes,” Kohli concluded.

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