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Despite Tragic Diagnosis, Monmouth Co. Vet Gets New Lease On Life

Wall New Jersey Patch reports Ken Huack, a 94 year-old World War II veteran spent the first few weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic largely unaffected making sure he kept up his exercise regimen while the world was on lockdown. One day he overexerted himself on his exercise bicycle and began to experience pain. Due to compression in his spine causing excruciating pain, simple activities such as walking or even laughing without pain were out of the question.

Huack’s pain worsened over the next several months and he came to see Edward S. Yoon, MD, chief of interventional radiology at HSS. Dr. Yoon performed an innovative procedure called a kyphoplasty in which acrylic cement was injected into Huack’s spinal fracture.

"It's one of the most satisfying procedures I perform. Patients come in not being able to stand or walk and immediately after the procedure, they don't have any pain," said Dr. Yoon. "My colleagues and I are huge proponents of this procedure. Sometimes patients are told by doctors that there's nothing you can do [for an ailment] and just take pain medication, which is not a good solution for an underlying problem. I'm glad he is now able to be up and about."

Huack is now enjoying a variety of activities that he participated in such as walking on the boardwalk, eating blueberry pancakes for breakfast, doing chair exercises with his aide and watching the golf game on TV. He now looks forward to his 95th birthday in June.

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