18:12 PM

Dealing With A Hump In the Back of Your Neck? It's Called Thoracic Kyphosis—Here's How to Fix It

Parade discusses treatment and prevention strategies for thoracic kyphosis, according to experts including James E. Dowdell III, MD, spine surgeon at HSS.

Dr. Dowdell explained, “This hump typically affects the area of the spine called the upper thoracic spine. When you have this condition, your head appears to jut forward because the upper thoracic spine has an excessive curvature.”

Dr. Dowdell said the number one cause of the hump is bad posture. “Unfortunately, this becomes a chicken and egg scenario as bad posture places more pressure on the spine, which can cause worsening of the curvature which further reinforces the existing bad posture,” he added.

Lifestyle changes can help supplement a treatment plan. Dr. Dowdell recommended physical activity, a back brace for advanced cases, anti-inflammatory medication if the pain is significant, and treatment of underlying conditions. “This is also important to prevent further worsening–osteoporosis is the major condition that can worsen kyphosis if untreated,” he noted.

Practicing proper posture is also key. Dr. Dowdell explained, “This prevents further stress being placed on your spine, decreasing the likelihood of degeneration and worsening of your hump. For every inch forward your head juts, your spine sees 10 pounds of extra force.”

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