07:00 AM

Custom TKA technology may yield better postoperative knee function

HSS hip & knee surgeon Jose A. Rodriguez, MD offered his perspective to Orthopedics Today on the potential benefits of custom knee technology for total knee replacements. According to the article, the technology could produce implants that closely reproduce the patient's condylar anatomy and improve postoperative function.

"Regardless of the technology that you use, the closer that you can recapitulate that patient's anatomy the better that you will reproduce their kinematics and their function and ultimately the happiness of that knee," said Dr. Rodriguez, referencing data that was presented at the Current Concepts in Joint Replacement Winter Meeting in Orlando, Florida.

"Up until now, the research we have is the first real-time fluoroscopy demonstrating how a custom knee moves relative to most off-the-shelf knees and that shows an improvement. Up until now, we have outcome data that shows that within the first 6 months there is more rapid recovery and more complete recovery in terms of how fast and how smooth the patients move, but it is short term," added Dr. Rodriguez.

Read the full article at healio.com [registration required]. This also appeared in the February 2018 print edition.