12:34 PM

CSO Perspectives

HSS chief information security officer, Vikrant Arora, joins CSO Perspectives, The CyberWire podcast, and shared his insights for protecting HSS against digital threat activities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Arora explained four particular activities that required his team’s attention included a significant increase in COVID-19 related phishing attacks; an increase in staff working from home which led to a significant recon of the organization’s public facing environment; managing risk around consumer collaboration tools being used for corporate needs; and supply chain risks based on constraints with having to onboard new vendors quickly and securely.

Arora provided a glimpse into his team’s approach to balancing such risks when it came to managing security around urgent and business needs. “HSS is a place where we attribute culture to our reputation and results all the time. There has been an amazing job at the leadership level where they came up new principals to handle the crisis, mainly protecting our staff, the organization, and society. That allowed us to align all activities to those principals and defer or cancel any non-related COVID priorities," he said. 

Listen to the interview (10:16-15:05) at Thecyberwire.com/podcasts.