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Concussion Protocol Falls Short in 2018 World Cup

MedPage Today reports on a study published in JAMA Neurology that looked at how concussions were managed on field during the 2018 World Cup tournament.

Primary investigator Ajay Premkumar, MD, MPH, orthopedic surgery resident at HSS, explained that in comparison to published data from the 2014 World Cup, there seemed to not be a significant difference in the proportion of players who received medical evaluation after a potential concussion.

"While there are detailed concussion protocols in place, there are several opportunities to improve their implementation and enhance sideline concussion assessment and management," said Dr. Premkumar.

"With the undeniable excitement and enthusiasm surrounding the World Cup, some of those involved, including the players themselves, may lose sight of the risk of injury and of concussion in particular," Dr. Premkumar also noted. "The very nature of the World Cup, with its diversity and high pressure, which in many ways make it such a unique sporting event, also may pose some challenges in terms of implementing concussion policy."

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