08:39 AM

Computer and phone Do’s and Don’ts

The Palm Beach Post’s “Ask the Expert” column features Kathleen L. Davenport, MD, physiatrist at HSS Florida, discussing tips for using the computer and phone without pain.

Dr. Davenport suggested taking frequent standing breaks (ideally every 20 minutes); setting up a workstation to support your posture; alternating how you type on your phone to decrease overuse of the hands and wrist; and exercise breaks to stretch the shoulders, neck and strengthening exercises to support your posture.

Dr. Davenport advised against ignoring pain in the core (muscles needed to strengthen and support one above); leaning toward the computer or phone (which increases stress on the neck shoulders and back); and ignoring small areas of pain that don’t go away.

This article appeared in the print edition on January 24, 2021.