16:57 PM

Column: Knee Injuries: What to Know, How to Treat

Greenwich Sentinel features an article by HSS sports medicine surgeon Moira M. McCarthy, MD, about common treatments for knee injuries, including: anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears, meniscus tears, and chronic knee pain.

According to Dr. McCarthy, “When an ACL injury happens, the athlete may hear a popping noise after an awkward twist, collision or fall. Immediate symptoms are pain and swelling in the knee. In most cases, we recommend surgery as the best way to stabilize the knee joint and resume an active lifestyle.”

For meniscus tears, “There are two menisci inside each knee joint. They are soft cushions on the inside of the knees that protect the cartilage. Meniscus tears are very common with all types of activity. A torn meniscus can be categorized as traumatic (acute) or degenerative (associated with aging or wear and tear).”

On the topic of chronic knee pain, she explained, “Many of the patients we see at HSS with knee pain are suffering early arthritis, which we also call cartilage softening or thinning. Other conditions like patella tendonitis and quadriceps tendonitis can cause knee pain, hindering activities like climbing stairs, squatting, jumping, and running.”

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