20:38 PM

Clinicians must 'quiet' rheumatic disease activity before pregnancy for optimal outcomes

Healio Rheumatology reports on a presentation by HSS rheumatologist Lisa R. Sammaritano, MD at the 2020 Congress of Clinical Rheumatology-East about how to assess pregnancy risk for patients with rheumatic diseases.

Dr. Sammaritano explained it is essential that rheumatologists aim for “low” or “quiescent” disease activity several months before contraception in their patients who desire to become pregnant. “The best outcomes in our patients are in those who have quiet or low disease activity 6 months before pregnancy, and those who are on drugs that are OK with pregnancy,” she said. Dr. Sammaritano sought to offer clinicians strategies to manage complications that may arise in patients who do become pregnant, and to provide insight into medication use before, during and after pregnancy.

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