20:38 PM

Christie Brinkley gets hip surgery 26 years after helicopter crash

Good Morning America reports model Christie Brinkley underwent hip replacement surgery performed by HSS hip and knee surgeon Edwin P. Su, MD.

Brinkley injured her hip in a helicopter crash 26 years ago, and was told 12 years ago that she would require surgery. Due to her busy schedule, Brinkley delayed the procedure until now.

“She had an accident where basically the hip was pulled upon and that probably tore some of the structures and the cartilage in the joint. She was able to maintain herself for years and years and exercise through it but it got to a point where the cartilage wear was too great,” said Dr. Su. He continued, “She started experiencing stiffness, limitations of motion, sudden pain that would come on where she almost would feel like the leg couldn't support her. Because of a little bit of down time during the pandemic, not having her usual schedule, it ended up being a really good time for her to be able to undertake this recovery. She felt comfortable with the hospital, with the protocols we have in place.” Dr. Su added, “Her condition was posttraumatic so she's on the younger side for a hip replacement and making an incredibly fast recovery.”

This segment aired on January 8, 2021 at 8AM. Watch the segment at Goodmorningamerica.com.