13:42 PM

Loosen Up Before Your Morning Run With This Stretch Routine

POPSUGAR discusses proper stretching routines to do prior to morning runs, according to HSS exercise physiologist Chelsea Long, MS, CSCS.

"When you're sleeping, your muscles are largely inactive. Blood flow to muscles responds to demand, so when your muscles are resting, there is a reduction in circulation — your muscles are cooled down and they stiffen up," explained Long. A thoughtful warmup routine literally warms up the tissues and prepares them for a run. “By increasing your body temperature and blood flow through simple, safe activation movements that also increase range of motion and 'wake up' the muscle belly, you are priming the fascia (protective casing around the muscles), the ligaments of your joints, and the joint itself," said Long. “A dynamic stretching or foam rolling routine will give you the best bang for your buck when it comes to preparedness for exercise,” cited Long.

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