13:42 PM

ChatGPT-4 may provide accurate, reliable patient information on the Latarjet procedure

Orthopedics Today interviews Kyle Kunze, MD, orthopaedic surgery resident at HSS about a study presented at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) annual meeting revealing that ChatGPT-4 may provide patients with accurate and reliable medical information on the Latarjet procedure for anterior shoulder instability. 

“If large language models such as ChatGPT-4 do become implicated as mediums for patients to find health information or recommended sources by medical professionals, at least in this small sample that we investigated, the sources were reliable,” explained Dr. Kunze. 

To assess the propensity for ChatGPT-4 to provide medical information on the Latarjet procedure for anterior shoulder instability, Dr. Kunze and colleagues performed a search query of 10 frequently asked questions regarding the Latarjet procedure in both Google and ChatGPT-4.

Dr. Kunze and colleagues compared the type of questions that Google and ChatGPT-4 asked, how similar the reported facts were and the type of sources utilized in responses. 

“Finally, we also had blinded experts grade the accuracy and relevance of the information that it was providing as a gold standard,” Dr. Kunze said.

Overall, ChatGPT-4 provided comparable, reliable, and accurate medical information. However, ChatGPT-4 was more likely to utilize academic sources such as peer reviewed literature in its responses, explained Dr. Kunze. 

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