15:01 PM

Champion in Every Corner

In this U.S. Center for SafeSport podcast, HSS sports psychologist Deborah N. Roche, PhD discussed the importance of engaging health professionals in the conversation about abuse and misconduct prevention and athlete safety.

Dr. Roche discussed her role in developing the online course for health professionals titled, “Your role in preventing abuse in sports,” and key takeaways noting, “What I really liked about the course is its designed to not only educate, but increases the awareness and then provides strategies to support your athletes. We made an effort to appreciate first and foremost as a professional, what is your obligation ethically and legally to wards your athletes? Address ways to that you can report and how to intervene and promote a safe space where they can thrive.” She continued, “We did tackle all of those which is remarkable in a very friendly format that I think is easy and engaging to follow.”

Additionally, Dr. Roche cited, “I think we want to recognize we [physicians] are in leadership positions and that we provide a very unique, crucial perspective and have great value that we’re adding. Everyone wants to care for an athlete in multidisciplinary ways . To recognize that leadership role, and that you’re part of this team and to have that integrated approach to helping for the athlete.

The athlete is more than the abuse they may have suffered - or more than the sport they participate. They’re a whole person we want to treat and help and help them thrive in and out of sport.

Listen to the podcast at Buzzsprout.com.