12:15 PM

CBS Saturday Morning

CBS Saturday Morning interviews S. Louis Bridges, Jr., MD, PhD, physician-in-chief and chair of the Department of Medicine at HSS, at the Lupus Research Alliance’s (LRA) Many One Can Walk to Cure Lupus in New York City on October 22, about the misconceptions of lupus.

Dr. Bridges noted “I think a lot of people think of lupus in the old days before we had good treatments - that it was life threatening and rarely do we see that anymore."  He continued, “Even though it is a terrible disease, we are developing brand new treatments that can really impact patient’s lives. We encourage people to get diagnosed early. It’s a challenge for many people because lupus can look like other things. We encourage everyone who has lupus to ask their doctors ‘What can you do for me?’ as we have new medicines.”

Dr. Bridges added, “The symptoms [of lupus] when they start are vague, and so it’s difficult to diagnose sometimes. LRA is raising great money for research, and at HSS we have teams of rheumatologists, clinicians, and basic scientists who are developing new ways to treat lupus. It’s a very exciting time right now.”

This segment appeared on CBS Saturday Morning at 9am on October 22, 2022.

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