07:00 AM

Career Insights with Hospital for Special Surgery CTO, Bashir Agboola

Blog Talk Radio's Own Your Career interviewed HSS chief technology officer and Assistant Vice President, IT, Bashir Agboola in a podcast about his journey from studying computer science to becoming a chief technology officer. During the podcast, Agboola also shared his advice for professionals who are looking to change or grow their careers.

In Nigeria, Agboola studied computer science during college. Afterword, he started a small business to write software for small and medium-sized companies. He eventually moved to New Jersey to work as a consultant for an IT services company, and later joined HSS four years ago.

When asked how has he remained motivated and focused throughout his career, Agboola said "what helps with motivation and focus is really understanding what you want and why you want it."

"You need to understand why that goal is important to you… because then you can decide what you're willing to do in order to get it," he added.

Additionally, Agboola stressed the importance of networking. He advised joining an organization and volunteering in events to meet new people.

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