19:59 PM

Can You Exercise with COVID?

LIVESTRONG explains the importance of exercising with caution with COVID-19 and when it’s safe to return to activities according to experts including Jordan D. Metzl, MD, sports medicine physician at HSS and Sharlynn Tuohy, DPT, physical therapist at HSS.

With COVID-19, you might need to play things a little more cautious explained Dr. Metzl. "Exercising with COVID-19 is very different than exercising through a cold, which you may have done in the past," he said. HSS guidelines encourage people who have tested positive for COVID-19 to avoid working out (especially at a high intensity) until they've had at least seven days without symptoms. This timeframe is much longer for people who experience heart-related complications of COVID-19.

Tuohy explained when the heart is already over-stressed, it's possible that exercise could add to the problem. Although exercise can lower your risk of developing blood clots in the first place, it can be dangerous to work out once one has already formed. "The clot could then travel to your lungs," said Tuohy, which can be fatal. Tuohy added, "Exercise typically has anti-inflammatory effects, but if you are in a state of acute inflammation, it might actually set you way back.”

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